Gay Love Triangle

Getting into a gay bareback relationship is a complicated one, much more getting to a gay love triangle

I called Frank and made a study date which we would only study. Around 5:00 on Friday since we both didn’t have and late classes on Friday. 

After I got of the phone with Frank it seemed liked Tommy somehow found out because Tommy was knocking at my door, calling me, and sending me stuff. Saying baby it was nothing I was just bored and didn’t know what to do. Fuck that bullshit I wasn’t biting.

Friday came and I was so nervous. I heard a knock at my door and it walked up slowing practicing saying hi. And it was my roommate he was going out of town and forgot his key. So after he left I got back to practicing what I was going to say when I heard someone say “Hi” and I turned around to my shock it was Frank. My stupid ass roommate left the door open.

“What were you doing?”
“Building up my charisma” we both laughed and got to studying he was very helpful and had many different way to learn the material after about to subjects and 2 and a half hour.
He said

“Let’s go unwind and catch an 7:30 movie”
“You paying”
“Yeah I guess” “ I’m game”

We went to see a movie that I had already saw and every once in awhile I’ll stretch and touch him and I ‘d stare at him and amazement how glorious he was the movie ended at 10 and we got back to the dorm and agreed we could get one more subject in.

We laid in front of the book side by side and he point to something I turned my head and he kissed me. And of course it was sneaky but I wanted it to happen and I wanted to be with him. It felt like we were kissing for hours.

He broke the kiss and took my shirt off sucked on my nipples and licked his way down to my pants he removed those and started suck my cock it was amazing I was trying not to moan loud but it felt so good it made me twitch in pleasure. 

When all of a sudden my door busted open and it was Tommy.
“What the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend” Me and Frank got up and I screamed
“I’m not your boyfriend anymore”
“Don’t pay we Rich I told you it was nothing”
“I don’t want you anymore you dumb fucker, Lets go Frank.”

Me and frank want was walking out when Tommy punch Frank right in the face and almost knock him down. He regained his balance and I screamed “he’s not worth it Frank” But Frank didn’t listen and he push Tommy into the dresser and he fell down in front of the dresser making it shake and then it happen the dresser shook so much the T.V. fell right on Tommy’s head…

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