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A simple conversation turns to great sex!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Who would have thought that from a simple conversation, a great fucking scene with your partner can happen?

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As for Gay partners Michael and Gordon, they always start everything by seducing each other with a naughty talk. From a simple conversation of the things that happen that day to a naughty conversation of things that they want to do to each other. Like kissing each other deeply, touching and feeling each others’ soft skin. That turns their cock hard and ready to be swallowed.

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And there, great sex starts ending with good Gay cumshot!

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Best of Friends to Gay Sex Mates

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

After a basketball game, Marvin felt he needed a good bath. His friend Mark told him he can assist him in taking a bath specifically in reaching places that his hands can’t reach. They both went to the bathroom and Mark started soaping his back and softly he started to wash him up. The feeling of Mark’s hands on his skin initially did not bother him, but as time progressed he sensed some sensations. Marvin can’t utter any single word and just let his friend Mark continues with his work.

Slowly Mark worked his way down his spinal cord to the crack between his twin peaks at the back and as slowly he inserted his soapy finger inside his asshole, and that very moment, Marvin felt an intense feeling of pleasure. It felt so good that he didn’t want him to take it out. When he let it remain there and Marvin didn’t complain, Mark knew he wanted it there forever and it seems he planned this from the beginning. He then removed his finger and turned him around, he looked at him in the eyes and he saw the stars. Then he deeply kissed Marvin, he moved his mouth to his chest and started sucking Marvin’s very erect nipples, ohhhh… Marvin moans, for it felt so good, by then his legs were wobbling and Mark knew it, he quickly dried him up and himself and carried him to the bed where without any word He told him “I am ready”. Mark layed Marvin’s back and spread his legs raising his twitching ass ready for his rock hard cock.

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Mark let out his thick 10″ dick and slowly inserted it into Marvin’s waiting hot ass, the entry of his cock head into his hot ass sent shock waves through his body and when he was totally inside him, He told him “Don’t take it out, just keep on fucking me hard”. He was pleased to hear him beg for more. That when he actually started fucking him sending him into a climax of sensational feelings, followed by massive explosions of cum from both of us. And from that day, whenever he needs Mark’s dick, it’s just one call away… From being best of friends now Gay Sex mates!

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Monday, September 17th, 2007

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