Cocks of Fury Part 4 from Just Gone Gay
In the final chapter of this story, Mikey returns to the Rooster Dojo for his final lessons when he finds the door open and a robber inside! Now is when he must use all his lessons of the rooster to defeat his enemy!
CEO Special: Erin Hart from Just Gone Gay
When the auto makers started going downhill their first reaction was DOWNSIZE! That didn't do so well for Erin Hart who was middle management and now he's out of a job and out of money. He's at our studios though and he told his girlfriend that he's out job searching, but really he's going to try some gay porn to raise a few dollars!
Erin Hart and Steven Richards from My Guy Creampie
Erin and Steven are roommates in Southern California and all too often Steven wastes his Saturdays just laying on the couch taking a nap. Fortunately, Erin is ready to wake him up with some hot blowjob action followed up by some bareback sex! Erin also likes to show his roommate he's turned on by letting Steven cum in his ass and then squirt it out for him to see!